Thursday, 31 March 2011

1988 Party

This photo taken by Roddy McDowall in 1988 was Evie Bricusse's birthday party in Los Angeles. Joan is seated next to Evie's husband, Leslie with the late Elizabeth Taylor on his left and her escort George Hamilton.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

On The Newstands ... 29 March

Today's featured magazine is from France, the year is 1984 and Joan shares the cover of Confidences with Dallas star, Larry Hagman.

The 2 page article inside about War between the 2 soap operas and would their producers consider joining them together with Joan and Larry appearing in each others shows?

Mexican Lobby Card

This Mexican Lobby Card for Tales From The Crypt is a recent addition to my collection.
Made in 1972 this film was about 5 different people who get lost in catacombs and are shown the future by a sinister monk who turns out to be Satan.

Joan plays Joanne Clayton, and in this scene has just killed her husband, Richard (played by Martin Boddey), but it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from Santa Claus, although in this film you might think differently.

Other cast members were Sir Ralph Richardson, Peter Cushing, Richard Greene & Barbara Murray

Monday, 28 March 2011

Website Make-over

Over the next few weeks and months I will be making changes to my collection website starting with the Galleries

This lovely glamour shot of Joan with sister Jackie is a recent addition to the Family & Friends Gallery. I have lots of photos and new addition magazines and memorabilia to add to the site, so keep checking back.

The flag counter at the bottom of the home page is particularly useful and lets me know where Joan's fans are coming from when visiting the site. To date, there are flags from 33 countries, which is great.

Several of your e-mails have asked what happened to the Guestbook? Unfortunately, it accidentally got deleted during an update along with some of the nice comments people had made about the site. I hope to have it back soon.

On the Newstands ... 28th March

As we near the end of the month, and the run of magazines featuring Joan on the daily newstands from years ago, this one is an Italian issue called Bolero from 1984. The cover is similar to a copy of What Investment that Joan featured on in April 1986, the only difference was the dress although same style was black and not blue. Inside is a 3 page article with photos from Dynasty.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dynasty Advert

This was the advert that Roger Grimes, Mark Jennings, Dex Dexter and Sean Rowan probably would have seen!!

I came across this in a recent sort out of the collection, I have no idea of date or where it originated from, if anyone has any ideas (keep them clean!), please let me know.

On The Newstand - March 22

Today's magazine a 1986 issue of TV Week from Australia, a magazine which Joan graced the cover of many times, at least 15 full covers that I know of!

This issue featured a 2 page interview, "Let me out of here!" and her plans at the time to leave Dynasty.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

On the Newstand .... March 17th

Today's magazine is a first from this country to feature on my blog. As you know the idea is to highlight magazines that Joan has featured on worldwide, so far we've had American, French, Canadian, Dutch and of course mine and Joan's home country, England.

So today its back 24 years to 1987 and this magazine from Chile called TV-Grama. The 2 page article inside is written in Spanish (and although my Spanish is not brilliant) seems to be a comparison on what actresses like Joan in primetime series were paid at that time.

From the list of 20 actors and actresses, Joan comes in 6th place (5th was Patrick Duffy from Dallas and joint 7th place went to Linda Evans and Lee Majors). For those interested top of the list was Larry Hagman in Dallas.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Daily Picture - "Perhaps they won't notice me ..."

This picture taken in L.A. shows Joan as a blonde

On the Newstand .... March 16

Today's magazine is American from 1982 and staying with yesterday's Dynasty theme, this time Joan shares the cover with Pamela Sue Martin and Linda Evans.
Inside a 6 page article, "Dynasty's Lustful Ladies"

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

On the Newstand - March 15th

Today's magazine is Canadian from the year 1986. Sharing the cover with Joan are her Dynasty co-stars Diahann Carroll & Linda Evans and inside a 4 page article.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Daily Picture - Dynasty Season 6

Season 6 introduced Ben Carrington, Blake's brother, played by the late Christopher Cazenove. He appears in the episode 'Masquerade' having been brought to Denver from Australia by Alexis (who else did you expect?)dressed as Madame Du Pompadour seen here in this picture with designer Nolan Miller.

On the Newstand .... 13 March 1989

22 Years ago this magazine would have been on sale in New Zealand. Joan appeared on the cover of the publication a number of times, this one was to promote her mini series, Sins which she co-produced and starred in.

Inside the magazine is a 2 page article, "Joan busts her mould!".

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Daily Picture: Alexis in Fur

This picture of Joan from Dynasty Season 3 episode "The Wedding" is just one of my favourites in my collection. It is from the scene where Alexis, looking for Joseph to lock up her studio tells Krystle that she is off to her wedding.

The scene is actually comedy which Joan plays brilliantly, and some of the dialogue is classic.
Alexis tells Krystle her plans for the future, when the Colby's entertain.

Alexis: "And who knows ... I may even invite you and Blake if the whim strikes me!"
Krystle: "Save your whims Alexis... we won't be coming"
Alexis: "Well it's getting late, my new limousine and chauffeur are waiting for me, its off to my wedding (turns to walk out).
Alexis:(turns back to Krystle) "And I just know Krystle, that despite our more than occasional differences - you wish me all the best ...... don't you dear?" (Exit)

On the Newstand .... 12 March

New Zealand Woman's Weekly is today's magazine from my archives. This issue is from 1984 and features Joan with Dynasty co-stars John Forsythe and Linda Evans.
This is the only magazine I have for today's date, I featured this with the article on the blog last May. It can be found using the blog search facility for anyone interested.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Joan Montage

Something different today. I'm sure fans must have pictures of Joan from magazines etc they're not sure what to do with.
This montage was sent to me from someone in France a number of years ago alongwith some cuttings for my evergrowing collection.

So what are you waiting for scissors and glue at the ready??

Over the years I have corresponded with fans of Joan from not just England, but all over the world, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, and not forgetting USA where today I still have a fantastic friendship which started through Ebay 11 years ago with my love of Joan, and my friend Kathy's love for another Hollywood Legend and fellow Brit, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Daily Picture

Here is a photo of Joan with George Hamilton from the American tour of Love Letters.

On The Newstands ....

It's another German magazine that comes under the spotlight for today's Newstand feature, this one is from 10th March 1983 and called Praline.
Inside is a small 1/4 page article about her divorce from Ron Kass.

Joan has featured on a number of German magazines over the years, and I will be featuring more in future posts.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Photo: The Bravados

This B&W picture of Joan is taken from The Bravados, which Joan starred in alongside Gregory Peck.

On The Newstand ....

Featuring 2 magazines as I did not get chance to post yesterday.

The first is a German magazine, Bild Woche, dated 8th March 1984, with the classic Alexis photo of Joan on the cover. Inside is a 1 1/2 page article about Dynasty.

The second magazine is Amor Film from France and was available 26 years before the one above, March 1958.
The cover features Joan from the film 'Island In The Sun' and a pictorial adaptation of the film across 18 pages.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Miss Marple

This photo of Joan is from Marple, which premiered on UK Television on 1st January 2010.

The episode was called "They Do It With Mirrors", and the role of Miss Marple was played by Julia Mckenzie.

On The Newstand ..... March 1983

Today's magazine is an American one, called Daytimers and Real Life dated March 1983 (the year I started collecting Joan memorabilia). This is a great full cover shot of Joan and inside is a 6 page article "Joan Collins, The star of Dynasty speaks frankly about her show biz childhood, her daughter's illness and nasty Alexis Carrington!.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Stud - Lobby Cards

A Mexican Lobby Card from the film

And a USA Lobby Card

On the Newstand ... 6th March 1978

Continental Film Review is the magazine I am featuring today. This copy is #305 from March 1978, and features a 4 page article about the film 'The Stud'.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

On The Newstand .... 5th March 1994

The magazine featured today is an English one called Chic, from March/April 1994, as I cannot locate the magazine from 5th March listed in my collection (I'm sure it will turn up!!)

This is the second issue of the magazine and inside is a 6 page profile of Joan, "La Collins: Still Sexy at 60", with colour pictures throughout.

Three years later, Joan would grace the cover of the magazine again for their June 1997 issue, which I will hopefully feature.

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Cartier Affair (1984)

This rare photo of Joan jogging with David Hasselhoff is a scene from the 1984 movie, The Cartier Affair.

On the Newstands ....

Today's magazine is the March 1988 fifth anniversary issue of Vanity Fair, with Joan sharing the cover with sister Jackie.

The 6 page article,"Queens of the Road" includes the fabulous Annie Leibovitz photo 'Limo Scene'.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Like most countries, the majority of English newspapers feature daily cartoons, usually based on the previous days news or celebrity, and over the years whenever Joan had been in the press, it was guaranteed that she would not escape the cartoonist.

The one above, penned by Franklyn appeared in 'The Sun' newspaper, and ties in with today's magazine and her divorce from Peter Holm.

I hope to feature more of these very soon under the newspaper section of my website.

On the Newstands ....

The majority of the magazines featured on my website are Joan as the main celebrity, however there are some where she shares the cover, like today's magazine National Enquirer from 3rd March 1987.

Joan has appeared on the cover of this tabloid loads of times, and I will be featuring more in future posts. According to the one page article inside, this cover shows her entering the Los Angeles courtroom at the time of her divorce from husband #4, Peter Holm.

The article was entitled, "Peter Holm: I Love Joan Collins & Want Her Back!".

Fans of Bruce Willis will probably have this cover in their collection as he features top right.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

EXTRA!! EXTRA!! ... On the Newstands

As an extra, I am featuring the front page of today's UK Daily Express. The idea of these posts is to exhibit publications from the 1950's to the present day featuring Joan on the cover. I had already gone back in my archives for today's magazine, and was really surprised to find Joan's picture staring at me from the newstands today.

From the pictures I'd seen on the Internet it looked a great dress, a colour which suits Joan, but by her own admission so tight that it caused her to suffer a "Victorian Swoon" and ended up her being rushed to hospital.

You can read this article on my website, by going to the Newspapers section from the main menu.

Don't forget to visit the blog tomorrow to see which magazine is featured from the archives.

On the Newstands ....

Today, I am featuring the magazine 'New Idea' from New Zealand, which was on sale on Saturday 2nd March 2002.

As you can see this was one of the many magazines that featured Joan's 5th marriage to Percy Gibson at London's Claridge's Hotel. Inside the article "Joan's purple passion" was an exclusive 6 page article with great photo's which originally featured in England's OK Magazine, and as fan's know, Joan recently celebrated her 9th anniversary.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

On the Newstands ....

As readers of my blog know JContheCover, the name of my first website was created to feature magazines Joan has appeared on from the 1950's to the present day.

By way of a change, I thought it would be an idea to see if I could feature the magazines of Joan that would have been on sale on newstands on a particular date.

For the 1st March,I found 19 magazines, ranging from 1957 to 1994.

I have chosen this issue of ABC Film Review from 1st March 1960, with Joan on the cover from the film Seven Thieves. This magazine was first published in 1951 by Associated British Cinemas Ltd and sold at ABC cinemas only. It became a monthly magazine in 1951 and in 1972 changed it's name to Film Review.

51 years ago this magazine would have cost you 6D(pence). Check back tomorrow for more daily Newstand Magazines.