Thursday, 17 March 2011

On the Newstand .... March 17th

Today's magazine is a first from this country to feature on my blog. As you know the idea is to highlight magazines that Joan has featured on worldwide, so far we've had American, French, Canadian, Dutch and of course mine and Joan's home country, England.

So today its back 24 years to 1987 and this magazine from Chile called TV-Grama. The 2 page article inside is written in Spanish (and although my Spanish is not brilliant) seems to be a comparison on what actresses like Joan in primetime series were paid at that time.

From the list of 20 actors and actresses, Joan comes in 6th place (5th was Patrick Duffy from Dallas and joint 7th place went to Linda Evans and Lee Majors). For those interested top of the list was Larry Hagman in Dallas.

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