Wednesday, 21 September 2011

On The Newstand - 21 September 1985

This magazine, Le Lundi from 1985 was another magazine that regularly featured Joan on its cover.
This one is with her youngest daughter, Katyana (Katy). Inside is the cover photo plus other black & white photos across a 3 page article, "Comment J'ai Sauve Ma Fille De La Mort" which translated is about Katy's accident which Joan later wrote about in a book "Katy, A Fight For Life".

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

On The Newstand - 20 September 1986

Between 1982 and 1987 Joan appeared on the cover of this Australian magazine 16 times, and 15 of those were full cover.
As Joan will soon be heading 'down under' with her one woman show, lets hope she can grace the cover of Australian magazines once again.

The article in this issue was about her marriage breakdown to her husband at the time, Peter Holm, "Joan weeps as hubby walks out".
I will feature other covers in this magazines series in future posts on the blog.

Monday, 19 September 2011

On The Newstand - 19 September 1987

This rare magazine called Limited Edition was only available for one day in my home town, so I haven't seen many of these appearing on Ebay!!
It was published by the local newspaper, The Evening Telegraph and Joan appeared on its cover twice, although the second time was not full cover.

This issue carried a 3 page article promoting the new autobiography written by Joan's father, Joe Collins entitled "A Touch of Collins" with pictures of both Joan and Jackie.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

On The Newstand - 18 September 1986

Inside this issue of Celebrity magazine from 1986 is a 3 page article, "Behind Closed Doors" an inside look into Joan's then Beverly Hills home.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

On The Newstand - 15 September 1987

This Italian magazine is another of my favourite covers.
Fans will remember that the cover picture was used on the video "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Joan Collins But Were Afraid To Ask" the re-release title of the 1980's "Joan Collins Video Special"

Inside this magazine is a 5 page article, "Presenera A Corte Il Quinto Marito with colour pictures throughout.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On The Newstand - 14 September 1985

Over the years Joan has appeared countless number of times on the covers of English women's magazines.

Today it is the turn of Woman from 1985 this lovely picture of her and inside a 3 page article, "Joan Collins The Power and the Glory" with pictures taken on the set of Sins which Joan was currently producing and starring in at that time.
I will be featuring more of these covers in future posts or they can be found on the website.

Monday, 12 September 2011

On The Newstand - 12 September 1955

Staying with the 1950's for today's magazine post, and the famous cover of Life magazine,featuring Joan as Evelyn Nesbit from the film, "The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing", and a 3 page article, 'Lovely Girl, Lurid Crime' about the Thaw-White Murder and the making of the film.

It would be just over 30 years when Joan would grace the cover of this American magazine again, in October 1985, so watch out for that one coming soon.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

On The Newstand - 11 September 1954

Today's entry takes us back 54 years.

This edition of Picture Post, an English magazine would have cost 4D(pence) and features this lovely picture of Joan on the cover taken at the time of filming Land of The Pharoahs.

Inside is a 2 page article,"Here's A Girl With A Mind Of Her Own".

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Star Trek - New Photos

This is one of 8 new photographs that I have just added to the site.

Check out the others by visiting the Star Trek page
which can be found in the Television galleries section of the website.


I was very excited to find earlier today that the website had received it's 1000th visitor.
The site records and gives me statistics which show that 50.9% of vistors are from the UK, and 23.1% are from the United States.

In total 45 different countries have visited the site since it stared as shown on the flag map on the home page. I am thrilled that so many countries have an interest in Joan .... and my collection.

With a regular job to hold onto, it can sometimes be difficult to update the blog on a daily basis - but I will try and keep it as up to date as possible and also continue working on the website.

Finally, a big thank you to all those who have taken the time to e-mail me.

Best Wishes

On The Newstand - September 1985

Of all the magazines in the archives, I don't have one for today, 10th September, so I am featuring one from September 1985 which being a monthly publication would have been on sale 26 years ago today

Following the overwhelming worldwide success of Joan's appearance in the December 1983 (January 1984 in some countries)issue of Playboy, Joan was featured on the cover of the September 1985 issue of American Playgirl magazine, alongside her then new Dynasty co-star, Michael Nader.

Inside was a 6 page article, simply called 'Joan Collins', and for fans of Michael Nader, a 1 page article, "Dynasty's Delectable Dex".

Friday, 9 September 2011

On The Newstand - 9th September

Today's magazine from the archives is an American title, US from 1985 and features a lovely picture of Joan on it's cover.
Inside a 7 page article, 'Joan Collins Satin and Steel' plus colour pictures throughout.

As with other magazines featured in this week's posts, Joan was a regular on the cover of US magazine, and these can be found on the website.

I have received e-mails from fans asking for more details on magazine articles and I am currently looking at the best way to do this - so watch this space.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

On The Newstand - 8th September

The magazine for today is a Canadian title called "The Newfoundland Herald" from 1984 and features a lovely picture of Joan from a Dynasty photo shoot.

Inside is a 4 page article about Dynasty Merchandise plus for fans of Michael Nader a one page article about his role as Dex Dexter.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

On The Newstand - 7 September 1990

The magazine for today's date is a French magazine from 1990.
It is called Le Lundi and like yesterday's magazine, Joan has been the cover star on numerous occasions, and I will be featuring other issues in future posts.

This issue focused on Joan's 4 marriages and her then new relationship with a younger man.
Pictures throughout the 6 page article

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bookstands Vs Newstands

Earlier this year I ran a daily feature called 'On The Newstands' which proved quite popular with many fans. With Joan's new book, 'The World According to Joan' now on sale, and with quite a few new titles added to my collection this year - I thought now is an ideal time to pick up this feature again.
Today's magazine goes back 24 years to September 6th 1987 and was a one day issue called You Magazine. This was published weekly with the English Sunday newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, and Joan featured on the cover a number of times and I have all the covers in my collection.

Clad in black leather inside was a 3 page article, "I'm Just An Old-Fashioned Girl" and as the year was 1987, her new mini-series, Sins was about to start on UK TV, so the article carried pictures from that too.

Check back tomorrow for another magazine from the archives.....

Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Book - The Wait is Over!!

Here it is "The World According to Joan". I got my copy this week at local Sainsbury's store (promotion price £5.00) where it appears to have entered the book charts at no 3.
Naturally, I started to read it straight away hot from the shelves.

Fans who have long awaited its publication will know that Joan covers a range of different subjects in the book, from Fame,Children,Glamour,Travel,Men, Manners,Aging,Food and Values. 214 pages in total.