Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bookstands Vs Newstands

Earlier this year I ran a daily feature called 'On The Newstands' which proved quite popular with many fans. With Joan's new book, 'The World According to Joan' now on sale, and with quite a few new titles added to my collection this year - I thought now is an ideal time to pick up this feature again.
Today's magazine goes back 24 years to September 6th 1987 and was a one day issue called You Magazine. This was published weekly with the English Sunday newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, and Joan featured on the cover a number of times and I have all the covers in my collection.

Clad in black leather inside was a 3 page article, "I'm Just An Old-Fashioned Girl" and as the year was 1987, her new mini-series, Sins was about to start on UK TV, so the article carried pictures from that too.

Check back tomorrow for another magazine from the archives.....

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