Sunday, 17 October 2010

JConthecover: Neue Welt (1987)

Today's magazine is one of the many German titles, Joan has appeared on over the years, called Neue Welt from November 1987.
Dynasty fans will know that the guy with her is James Healey, the actor who portrayed her last husband in the series, Sean Rowan.

Inside the magazine is a great 2 page article about the wedding episode.

I will be featuring more German magazines in future posts.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dynasty Photos - Diahann Carroll

This B&W publicity photo from my collection is similar to that on today's magazine cover post.

JConthecover: The Boston Herald (1984)

It's back to 1984 for today's post, and a What's on magazine from The Boston Herald, featuring Diahann Carroll who joined the cast of Dynasty toward's the end of Season 4 as Dominique Deveraux on the cover with Joan.
Inside is an article about how the networks planned to outdo each other in the ratings war.

Friday, 15 October 2010

JConthecover: Sunday Mirror Magazine (1991)

Today's magazine from the archives of my collection is The Sunday Mirror Magazine, dated 8th September 1991. It is a great cover and inside a 3 page article to celebrate the return of Dynasty which at that time had been off the air for 2 years.
Fans were finally to be treated to a Reunion which would "tie up all the loose ends" when the series had ended. What had happened to Blake? .... Where was Krystle? and what had become of Alexis last seen plunging off the balcony at the Carlton Hotel with Dex, watched in horror by Sable, Monica and Adam?
The article, called "Joan Gets A Dressing Down" featured 7 pictures of Joan and some of the fabulous creations, courtesy of Nolan Miller that she would wear during the 4 hour 2 part mini-series.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Film: The Opposite Sex (1956)

This rare press still shows Joan with co-star Leslie Nielson studying their lines in a quiet corner of the sound stage at MGM.

JConthecover: Films In Review (1956)

This 1956 issue of Films in Reviews features Joan as Crystal Allen and Dolores Gray in the film, "The Opposite Sex", which also starred Ann Miller, June Allyson, Joan Blondell, Ann Sheridan, Jeff Richards, Leslie Nielson and Agnes Moorehead. A remake of the film "The Women".