Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mexican Lobby Cards: Dark Places

I mentioned in a previous post that I would feature more Mexican Lobby Cards as and when I aquire them.
This one from the film Dark Places is one of three I recently added to my collection.

Adverts: Cannon Mills (1984)

Over the years Joan has advertised a whole range of items, from drinks like the famous Cinzano Ads (already featured on the blog), Perfumes, Cars, and many others which I will be featuring shortly on my website and here on the blog.

In 1984 Cannon Mills ran a campaign with Joan and Larry Hagman from Dallas. This one of Joan, "Two of the most famous names in America bathe together"

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

JConthecover: Littlewoods Catalogue (1989)

Joan appeared on the cover for the Spring/Summer 1989 catalogue with the launch of the Joan Collins Lingerie Collection.

A page from the catalogue and one of the items in the collection, which was available to order.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

JConthecover: Veronica (1985)

Staying with a Dutch theme, today's magazine featuring Joan on the cover is Veronica from December 1985. Inside is a 2 page article about Christmas and how the Dynasty stars celebrate.

DVD: Monte Carlo

This is the Dutch DVD cover for Monte Carlo, the 2nd mini-series that Joan
co-produced and also starred in alongside George Hamilton and Malcolm McDowell.
Most of the time artwork on foreign video's and DVD's is very different to English versions.

I will be featuring more Monte Carlo from my collection in future posts.

Friday, 13 August 2010

JConthecover: Tele star (1987)

During the Dynasty years Joan appeared on hundreds of magazine covers Worldwide promoting the show.
This cover from French Magazine, Tele Star dated 31 August 1987 also features Linda Evans.

TV: Russell Harty Interview

This rare photo shows Joan backstage with the late Russell Harty, and her then fiance, Peter Holm.

During the interview shown on BBC1 show, Joan talks to Russell about her private life and career, also about her new venture as spokeswoman for Revlon's perfume, "Scoundrel", and her work on Dynasty, plus a clip of her appearing in the film, "Lady Godiva Rides Again".

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fool Britannia (1963)

As a fan of Joan, like many collectors I would get a buzz whenever I found a new item be it magazine, book or something relating to one of her films.
So whenever possible, I would visit film trade fairs around the country, or look for shops dealing in film memorabilia, and London was where I usually struck lucky.

I purchased this 45 r.p.m. record at one such fair, having gone through the stall holders entire stock.

Fool Britannia was written in 1963 by Leslie Bricusse and Joan's husband at the time, the late Anthony Newley. A series of 15 satirical sketches the cast also included Peter Sellers, Daniel Massey and Michael Lipton alongwith Joan and Anthony.
This copy released on the ember record label has 5 tracks and Joan features in 2 of them, "Whatever happened to John and Martia" with Peter and Tony, and "There's No Business Like No Business" with Tony, Peter and Mike.

Over the years I have seen various re-releases and the cover pictures have changed with Joan's being taken from a Dynasty photo.

The whole 15 track production was released to CD on the Hallmark label in 1997.


In 1990 I was fortunate to meet Anthony Newley when he toured my home town with his one man show, which included some of his many famous songs, he also spoke of his career and his marriages, including the one to Joan. At the end of the evening he took part in a Q&A session with the audience. Whatever their differences had been during their marriage, when a question from the audience about Joan was asked, he remained loyal and only said good things about her.

Front of House, he was amazed when I showed him my copy of Fool Britannia and he offered to sign it, alongwith a magazine which I will feature in a future post.

My Mum took this photograph of us in the theatre bar.

JConthecover: Livewire (1996)

Livewire was a complimentary magazine produced by the East Coast rail network here in the UK, and this issue is from August/September 1996.

I was travelling to London one weekend and could not believe my eyes to see this on display for passengers, especially with Joan on the cover "Warhol" style. Inside is a great 5 page article, "The Making of a glamour Queen".

That was one rail journey well worth the money!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

JConthecover: TV Week (1983)

This Australian magazine from October 1983, features Joan on the cover with her co-star Jon-Erik Hexum and 3 other models from the TV movie, "The Making of A Male Model" or "The Look" which was it's title in the USA.
Inside the magazine is a 1 page article, "Joan And Those Young Men"

In the movie Joan plays a successful modelling agent, Kay Dillon who signs up a country boy for her agency.

I have some more photos from this movie to feature at a later date.

From 1983-1987 Joan appeared on the cover of this magazine another 12 times. I have all those magazines in my collection and will feature them in future posts.

The Death of Jon-Erik Hexum

On October 12th, 1984, he had been working on the set of a series called "Cover Up", during breaks in filming, he jokingly put a prop .44 magnum revolver to his temple and pulled the trigger.
The gun fired, and the wadding from the blank cartridge shattered his skull.

He was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery, unfortunately the damage to his brain was already done and a week later (October 18), he was taken off life support and pronounced dead.

He was only 26 years old.

Cinzano Photos

Back in May this year, I featured on the blog a Cinzano poster and mentioned I would post more from these wonderful adverts at a later date.

Here is a B&W photo of Joan with the late Leonard Rossiter from the Cinzano Bianco launch advert first shown in 1978.
For those who haven't seen this or any of the others, with the Cinzano in his hand, Leonard's character says "Ah Melissa darling, you're early (looking at watch)... would you like a Cinzano?
Her reply, "No thank you, I've just had one", (referring to the one he has spilt down the front of her dress).

Classic Comedy.

I will feature other photos from these adverts very soon.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

JConthecover: Voici (1988)

The latest addition to my collection is this French magazine from September 1988.
Joan features on the cover and inside a 2 page article with pictures of Stephanie Beacham and Tracy Scoggins who at the time had joined the cast of Dynasty. The article is titled "Is this the end of Joan Collins?"