Thursday, 23 December 2010

JContheCover: Palm Springs Lite (1982)

Continuing the Christmas theme, Joan appeared on this American Magazine for the December 1982 issue.

Inside was an 8 page article entitled "A Chic And Shimmering Christmas" with some fantastic photographs of Joan (2 shown below).

Dynasty Adverts

Previously I have featured adverts for Dynasty that appeared in the weekly US TV Guide magazines. This one is from November 23, 1983 and introduced Michael Nader to the cast as Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas all wrapped up ?

With Christmas only days away, here we see Joan pictured amongst gifts for the festive season. This photograph appeared on the December 1999 newsletter sent out to fan club members.

JContheCover: TV Times (1982)

Joan has graced the cover of this popular UK TV listing magazine several times over the years. This issue from April 1982 was to promote the TVTimes Top Ten Awards which she was co-hosting with Michael Aspel during a break in filming of her then new film Nutcracker.


Joan with Peter Holm are joined by John James and Marcia Wolf at a Hollywood Awards Ceremony.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Joan with Ivana Trump at a party in Manhatten for the 25th Anniversary of 20/20 magazine (lenses, frames and fashions, not to be confused with the television show on ABC, which Joan has appeared on).

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

JContheCover: Telegraph (1988)

This one day issue was sent to me by local newsagent with my regular delivery, they were a family business and knew about my interest in Joan and would look out and reserve magazines for me.

On the cover with Joan is John Mortimer a barrister who interviewed her at a top London hotel. The article is 3 1/2 pages and entitled "Joan Collins Is A Good Egg"


Gary Bernstein took this gorgeous photo of Joan for Woman's Own magazine in England.

Past In Photos: Joan with Celebrities

Joan pictured with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber at the 44th Evening Standard Theatre Awards, held at The Savoy in London in 1999.

Monday, 6 December 2010

JContheCover: RTEGuide (1988)

This Irish RTE Guide featured Joan on the cover as Dynasty returned to the Network 2 channel.
Inside a 2 page article, "Back" posed 3 questions for the soaps return, "Where has Krystle gone?", "Will Alexis Live or Die?" and "How much of Alexis is Joan Collins?"

The South Bank Show (1999)

Joan with Melvyn Bragg on the set of the South Bank Show from 14th November 1999


This picture was used on the back cover of the American version of Joan's 2nd novel, Love & Desire & Hate, with a similar one on the UK hardback. Handbills and cardboard displays were found in all good booksellers promoting the publication.

I purchased my copy days before going to see Joan in Private Lives at the Aldwych Theatre in London, where backstage I met her for the first time, and she signed the book for me, asking me if I was enjoying it?

I will look out the photographs and publish them in a future post.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

JConthecover: OrangeCoast (1982)

This American magazine from October 1982 features Joan on the cover and inside a 5 page article in which Joan talks about her family, stardom and Alexis Carrington.

Past In Photos: Joan with celebrities

In 1985 Joan appeared at the Royal Variety Show. The opening was classic with the orchestra playing the theme to Coronation Street prompting Joan to leave the stage until they change to the Dynasty theme when she returns stating, "That's better, I didn't think I look like Hilda Ogden". Joan then went on to talk about Hollywood Musicals and introduced the next act. Later she returned to pay tribute to Fred Astaire".

The above picture shows the aftershow line up when Her Majesty The Queen meets the cast before leaving the theatre. Joan is standing next to Lauren Bacall. Also pictured are Jean Simmons, Patrick Duffy, Alice Faye and Celeste Holm.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Past In Photos: Joan with Celebrities

Today's Celebrity Photo is from 1987 and features Joan with Clint Eastwood taken at the All-Star Party for Joan Collins.

JConthecover: Coleccao Cinema (1956)

As Joan is currently in the UK, perhaps she would have seen that Land of The Pharoahs was shown on BBC2 today. Made in 1954, the film featured Jack Hawkins, and Sydney Chaplin.

Today's magazine is from Portugal and features Joan as Princess Nellifer and Jack Hawkins as the Pharoah on the cover and inside a 5 page adaptation of the film.

Visit my website for more photographs from the film.