Saturday, 12 March 2011

Daily Picture: Alexis in Fur

This picture of Joan from Dynasty Season 3 episode "The Wedding" is just one of my favourites in my collection. It is from the scene where Alexis, looking for Joseph to lock up her studio tells Krystle that she is off to her wedding.

The scene is actually comedy which Joan plays brilliantly, and some of the dialogue is classic.
Alexis tells Krystle her plans for the future, when the Colby's entertain.

Alexis: "And who knows ... I may even invite you and Blake if the whim strikes me!"
Krystle: "Save your whims Alexis... we won't be coming"
Alexis: "Well it's getting late, my new limousine and chauffeur are waiting for me, its off to my wedding (turns to walk out).
Alexis:(turns back to Krystle) "And I just know Krystle, that despite our more than occasional differences - you wish me all the best ...... don't you dear?" (Exit)

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