Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DVD News - Dynasty Season 7

The wait is over!! Season 7 got it's UK release on 30th January 2012, which is good news for all Dynasty fans. Having pre-ordered from Amazon.co.uk back in December, I received mine this morning, so hot off the press are the details.
Season 7 picks up the end of the previous season, with Alexis (Joan Collins) in the clutches of Blake (John Forsythe) as in his rage at the thought of losing the Carrington mansion, he goes for the jugular and viewers were left wondering whether this time, he would kill his ex-wife? But Krystle (Linda Evans)intervenes and allows Alexis to live through the season, no doubt with a plan or two up her designer sleeve.
The Season contains all 28 episodes on 7 discs. The picture on the left is from the 2 part episode "A Love Remembered", on Disc No 4.

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