Monday, 16 January 2012

Daily Picture - Tales Of The Unexpected (1980)

This picture was from Joan's third guest appearance of this series in 1980. Seen here with co-star Pauline Collins.

I have included the synopsis from my website below:

Suzy Starr (Joan Collins) and Pat Lewis (Pauline Collins) are appearing in a local rep. production of The Importance of Being Ernest. The production is struggling until toy maker, Herbert Millette (Brewster Mason, not pictured) injects cash into it. Suzy who has fallen in love with Herbert's money and the gifts he showers her with believes she can string him along with other men .... until he finds out and demands a divorce. She decides to involve Pat in a scheme to win back Herbert's affections, but things prove differently as the title states, "A Girl Can't Always Have Everything"

You can find more pictures from this episode and the other two that Joan appeared in on the website - in the TV Galleries section.

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