Friday, 13 January 2012

Daily Picture - 1980's Portrait

Today we are revisiting the 80's decade with this lovely picture of Joan.

Fans who visit my collection website and this blog, e-mail me and ask if I have pictures/cuttings from certain years. The answer is "yes".

I officially started collecting the day before Joan's 50th birthday, 22nd May 1983, when a UK newspaper called The Sunday People published an article written by her then husband the late Ron Kass.

With Joan's recent arrival in Dynasty, UK newspapers and magazines featured her nearly everyday in their publications, and my collection soon started to grow.

Another question I'm often asked if "What are your oldest cuttings", the answer to that is the 1950's right up to the current day and the news of Joan's latest appearance in the Snickers Adverts with Dynasty co-star, Stephanie Beacham.

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