Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On The Newstand - 28 February (Part 1)

Looking back in the archives for today I have seven magazines. So I am going to feature 3 in today's post and as tomorrow is a leap year day will feature the other 4 and there were are not many magazines published on 29th February!!

Starting with 1983, this Spanish magazine TP Teleprograma featured Joan and the cast of Dynasty on their cover.

In 1989 this American issue of Globe is what we call a shared cover as Joan is not the only celebrity on the cover.

The magazine was featuring an article about Alexis slaying Blake with a butcher's knife in a forthcoming episode of Dynasty.

In 2002 OK Magazine was chosen by Joan and Percy for the Exclusive coverage of their wedding. Under the headline "All The Pictures The World Has Waited to See" they would appear in publications worldwide.

Remember to check tomorrow's post for Part 2 of these magazines which range from 1959 - 2004

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