Friday, 24 February 2012

On The Newstand - 24 February

I am featuring 3 magazines which you would have seen on the newstands today, 24th February, between 1983 & 1992

The first is a Dutch Magazine, called Hitkrant and Joan appears on the cover only, inside is a two page article about Dynasty with pictures of her co-stars, Geoffrey "Mark" Scott, Kathleen "Kirby" Beller & Gordon "Adam" Thomson.

The next magazine is also Dutch, a magazine called Story (there was a Belgian magazine with this title and Joan also featured on their covers - these will be featured at later dates in the blog or can be found on the website)

This 1984 issue features Joan on the cover with Dynasty co-star Michael "Dex" Nader and a 3 page article about Dynasty.

Moving on to 1992 and this American Magazine, Theater Week promoted Joan's tour of America in Noel Coward's famous play, Private Lives. Following a very successful run in London's West End, she is pictured on the cover of this magazine with co-star, Simon Jones (Keith Baxter was said not to be available for the US tour). Inside is a 2 1/2 page article, "Joan Collins's Private Lives - a backstage chat with America's favorite Wicked Woman"

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