Monday, 14 November 2011

Dynasty - "Where did it go wrong Blake?"

Today's picture is from Dynasty Season 7, the late John Forsythe and Joan in the 2 part episode, "A Love Remembered".

Fans will recall this episode where last minute Ben rescues Blake who had been trapped under a steel beam on the oil rig. Blake and Ben narrowly escape the explosion, but Blake suffers amnesia and can only remember the year is 1964, and his wife Alexis.

So in true Alexis style (what else?) she tells the doctors at the Singapore hospital she is indeed Mrs Carrington and sets her sights on regaining half of the South China Sea Oil Leases back to her name.

This picture was also used as a promotion for the series on an American poster which I will add to the advertising section of the website. I think it was a great storyline, especially the part towards the end of the next episode when Blake recovers and realises he is married to Krystle and Alexis watches from the balcony of the villa has lost him, and it was just "A Love Remembered".

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