Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dynasty Daily

Most of the e-mails I receive from fans and people round the world at some stage usually ask the same question, "What do you collect of Joan?". The answer is "most things" and they cannot believe when I tell them how the collection which started with a serialisation from a National newspaper on the eve of Joan's 50th birthday back in 1983 has grown to what you see and more on the website.

I received an e-mail some weeks ago from someone who had come across the site asking if I could do a blog feature of Dynasty photos featuring Joan.
The answer would be "Yes"

Today's is a rather unusual picture of Joan with Linda during their first catfight in Alexis' studio. As you can see Alexis would grab anything to throw at Krystle - no vase remained safe when these two came to blows .....

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