Sunday, 27 June 2010

Jconthecover: TV World (1965)

Today's magazine goes back 45 years and is a copy of TV World dated February 20 1965.
Featured on the cover are Herbert Lom star of The Human Jungle and Joan who was making her first appearance on British television, playing a girl who tries to kill herself, in the episode "Struggle For A Mind".

In the opening scenes a man finds Joan's character slumped at the bottom of the Underground escalator in a trance. Leaning her against a wall he tries to retrieve her handbag, the handle has got stuck in the moving escalator, when he returns she has gone.
We next see Joan still in a trance walking along removing her clothes. Note: this was a Saturday night programme in 1965 so no nudity was shown, and even when Joan removed her bra it was a cleverly lit silhouette against the underground posters.

The guy catches her trail picking up her discarded clothes and fellow passengers pass her on the stairs shocked that she is naked. Finally at the edge of the platform you see the headlight of the oncoming tube train approaching, and Joan's foot teetering on the edge .... ready to jump into the path of the train.

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