Wednesday, 23 June 2010

DVD: Dynasty Season 5

A first for all UK fans, as this season has NOT YET been released in America.
I was advised by Amazon UK, that my pre-order of 2 May 2010 had been despatched and it arrived today. I'm speechless - the cover artwork is amazing.

At the end of Season 4, Fallon was seen driving off in a torrential thunderstorm minutes before going ahead with her wedding to Jeff Colby, and Alexis was arrested for the murder of Mark Jennings and left in prison amongst prostitutes and other women inmates, wearing a fabulous red off the shoulder evening gown.

This Season picks up where that all left off and contains 29 episodes ending with the Royal Wedding and the famous Moldavian Massacre. Who lives and who dies was left until Season 6.
Look out for guest appearances from Rock Hudson, Ali Macgraw, and Billy Dee Williams in this Season. Total running time is approx 1296 minutes.

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