Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Blog Is Back!!

Yes .... its back and firstly a Happy New Year to everyone and hope you had a good Christmas.

Its been a 6 month absence from the blog and web site, a big thank you to everyone who has been contacting me - I've tried to answer all the e-mails, apologies if I have missed anyone.  During the time I have moved house again and a lot of the collection has been in storage - but today being the first day of 2014 I thought would be good to get back on track. 

There's lots to add to the site and a major update/revamp is on the cards for this year.  So keep checking back regularly - if there is anything in particular you like to see or ask about my collection, please get in touch. 

Quite a few of your e-mails have highlighted that the magazine covers featuring Joan on a daily basis were popular and so that will return - and other requests have included a daily photo of Joan from my collection.  I have over 100 new photographs/stills to add to the site so will try and introduce that and another request was to highlight different items from my collection with links on the website - which sounds a great idea, plus there was a great deal of interest from my plans to feature Dynasty fashion pages.

Its great that Joan continues to be busy and I know her fans are thrilled about the release of her latest memoirs, 'Passion for Life', yes my partner bought me my copy for Christmas and I also have it downloaded on my Kindle.  Plus Joan going back into London's West End this year was more good news.  I saw the show 2 years ago and featured it on the blog - looking forward to seeing it again in February.

Thanks for following and your interest in my site/blog



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