Monday, 8 April 2013

For Sale ....... Magazines On The Newstand

Regular visitors to the blog will remember a very popular thread I have featured called 'On The Newstand', when I would look through the archives for magazines featuring Joan which would have been on sale that day in a particular year.

This thread was very popular and came from my original website - JContheCover, which was the working title for the original website before Joan Collins Collection.

One of the worst decisions I had to make with my house move was to part with the magazines in my collection, as I simply don't have space to store them. I couldn't imagine keeping them in a locked storage unit which was one suggestion, and so they are gradually being sold off through the auction site, Ebay and on my website. I'm pleased that many of them are going to fans wanting to build on their collections, who have more space than I do!!

If anyone is interested please contact me for further details and prices.

Today, I am featuring a magazine from 1957 called Picture Post.

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