Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who Was Harrison Carroll?

Harrison Carroll was for more than 40 years a columnist for The Herald Express and I have a number of his articles from the 1950's and 1960's in my collection when he wrote about Joan.
This one is dated Mar 28, 1956 and is about the film, The Opposite Sex.

Joan actually told this story during her one woman show in March this year at Leicester Square Theatre in London

HOLLYWOOD, Mar. 28. - Tears and foregiveness ended what could have been the start of that whopping big feud everybody has been expecting to develop among all those feminine stars in MGM's "The Opposite Sex.
Supposed to fake a slap for a scene, June Allyson belted Joan Collins so hard that Joan's earrings flew off and a welt swelled up on her face.

"It was just awful!" June tells me. "I never hit anybody before in my life. I don't even spank my children. I let go this haymaker. I had rehearsed faking it. Instead I hit her an awful wallop."
"Joan was wonderful. After the slap, she was supposed to look at me and smile. She went ahead and did it. Afterwards we both bawled."
Harrison said, "When I reached her at home, Joan laughed:"It was a complete accident. But, when I heard my earrings hit the floor, I thought she had knocked out some of my teeth; I really did."

I will feature more of Harrison's columns in future posts and also have them added to the website

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