Monday, 19 March 2012


Back and refreshed from walking round Leicester Square on a Sunday afternoon, everybody enjoyed the show. I'm certain it looked like a full house, I had excellent front row seats and Joan looked fantastic.

Two if not three standing ovations, whistling, cheering, and a bouquet of flowers presented to Joan at the end by an one ardent fan from Sweden.

I talked to a number of people outside the theatre afterwards and everybody said how wonderfully entertaining Joan had been.

The only downside for some were those hoping to catch a glimpse of Joan as she left the theatre before the next and last performance at 7.30pm

Oh and must say a big hello to Sue, the lady who sat next to me in the vacant seat from my friend who unfortunately was unable to attend. We chatted during the interval about the website and our love of Joan.

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  1. I hoped to see Joan Collins after the saturday night show but it was not possible... What a pity!I'm french, and I'm a big fan of her. The show was great! She 's an amazing woman, very solar. I wish I could have an autograph one day!