Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Daily Picture - Joan Collins Learns To Strip

This rare photo today was taken by Jack Albin on the set of Seven Thieves
Joan talked about the fiming of these scenes in her One Woman show last Sunday

The reverse of this photo states, "When the producers needed a girl to teach Joan Collins how to play a stripper in their new picture 'Seven Thieves' they went to the top of the strip -- Candy Barr.

The Texas blonde with the sugary handle and the British brunette have turned Stage #1 at 20th Century-Fox into the most visited acreage in Westwood and have caused the producers to hang the "CLOSED SET" sign out in front of the door.

Despite the no admission tag co-stars Edward G Robinson, Rod Steiger and Eli Wallach have discovered numerous excuses to amble down to the stage "just to see how Joan's getting along". After all she's the only girl in the picture and they have a "protective" interest in her learning, argued the male co-stars."
In case anyone is interested, the girls will have worked together 45 hours on the two dance and strip numbers that will probably run no more than six minutes on the screen Ah, but was a sizzling six minutes!

Candy later said "anytime Joan wants to leave the movies she has it made in burlesque"

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