Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tonight At 8:30 - Red Peppers

The second of the eight playlets by Noel Coward in this series was an 'Interlude With Music', set in 1936 called 'Red Peppers' and Joan teamed up with ex husband the late Anthony Newley to play Lily Pepper married to George and part of the vaudeville act, Red Peppers.

The majority of the play was set between the two acts they performed on a daily basis in their dressing room where they argue about everything from the timing, and with the stage manager wanting to know why Lily accuses the conductor of being drunk on duty, and the shows leading lady looking to rest between performances, dressing room brawls are "top of the bill" as they say in the world of theatre.

Other cast members include, Moyra Fraser, Reg Varney & Henry McGee.

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