Friday, 9 July 2010

Tonight At 8:30 - Hands Across The Sea

Following on from yesterday's post - this was the first of the eight playlets by Noel Coward. After the opening credits Joan introduced the synopsis of the play. This was a 1940's light comedy with Joan playing Maureen Gilpin (piggie to her friends), and John Nettles as her husband, both shown here in this rare press still.

Apparently there are 3 rules in the battle for Social success:

1. Always keep a diary and carefully note everyone's name, especially when you're travelling.

2. Never, when you're abroad make that routine invitation, "When you're in London / Sydney / New York or wherever please look us up!", addresses scribbled on bits of paper can cause chaos.

3. Never have the telephone in the drawing room.

Receiving a telephone call, Piggie is advised that The Rawlinsons are in London and about to descend on them following her kind invitation. But if the Rawlinson's are not who they seem, who are the Wadhursts?

Other cast members included Sian Phillips, Bernard Cribbins, Miriam Margolyes, Edward Duke and Nickolas Grace.

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  1. Joan Collins is really great in comedies! She can and has done so much more than "Dynasty".

    Greetings from Stockholm.