Monday, 17 May 2010

JConthecover: NZ Woman's Weekly (1984)

As fans will know, Joan has appeared on hundreds of magazines worldwide. On the subject of Dynasty today's magazine is a 1984 copy of New Zealand Woman's Weekly.
Joan appeared on the cover of this magazine several times over the years.

Featured below is an extract from the magazines 2 page article, "Dynasty - and the claws are out"

Ladies and gentlemen, soap fans everywhere. Take your seats for what promises to be a really absorbing contest. At stake - the title of queen of the soaps and with it the coveted superbitch belt.
In the red corner, the holder, red-hot Alexis, one time wife of Blake Carrington, super-suave millionaire. She wants him back but seems doomed to fail.

In the blue corner - that's blue as in icy-cold - the challenger Krystle, also a one-time wife of the busy Mr Carrington and soon to be again.
A word of warning - don't sit too near. This scrap might boil over out of the television arena and into real life.
New Zealand fans are now happily reconciled with the doings of the Dynasty set - having been left last year firmly glued to the edge of their seats as Krystle and Alexis faced death together ... trapped in a burning building.

Just as much heat is being generated by some of the twists the script takes in the new series as the rescued rivals continue their contest.
Well ahead on points at this stage is Krystle, but Alexis is not beaten yet.

And that is just another way of saying Linda Evans looks destined to become the leading light of the show, unless Joan Collins can come from behind. Now read on:

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