Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dynasty: Pictures

Joan as Alexis in one of the first Dynasty Press Session Photo's which was never published.

Following Joan's first appearance as Alexis, it wasn't long before she started appearing on magazine covers worldwide.

This Dutch issue called Veronica from May 1982 had the cast photo on the cover and a two page article inside.

With my collection of magazines continuously growing it was in September 2002, realising there was very little on the web, I created a site called JConthecover, which displayed magazines Joan had appeared on from 1951 - 2006. It proved very popular as it also featured articles and also UK newspapers when Joan had appeared on the front page. It ran until 2008 - which was my 25th Anniversary as a collector.

The idea of having a website featuring my collection had been on the "drawing board" for sometime, I realised that I had to include content from JConthecover site, and a few months later my new site, was launched.

The magazine on the left is a copy of TV Guide from America dated 23 October 1982 and features Joan with Linda Evans on the cover. Inside was a 4 page article.

I will be featuring other magazines from my collection in future posts.

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