Monday, 7 February 2011


I was thrilled to receive news from that Season 6 would be released on 24 January 2011. Just over 6 months since the release of Season 5 (21/6/2010) we can only hope that the last 3 seasons will follow within the next 18 months.

This season picks up on the Royal Wedding Cliffhanger from the last series, where we learn which members of the cast did not get their contracts renewed.

It also introduces new characters in the English form of Christopher Cazenove as Blake's brother, Ben and Kate O'Mara as Caress, Alexis' sister, and features the great storyline of Rita & Krystle, and guest stars George Hamilton, Charlton Heston and Barbara Stanwyck

30 episodes in total, Dynasty fans are treated to another scrap between Alexis and Krystle, this time involving mud, a swimming pool brawl between Amanda and Sammy Jo and a cliff hanger - Blake attempting to kill Alexis.

Incidentally, the first episode of Season 6 was the only one which Joan did not appear in since she joined the cast. Apparently stories in the press at the time said that Aaron Spelling had suspended her for demanding a pay rise in line with Colby's star Charlton Heston.

I understand that Season 5 is still not released in the US, and that volume 2 of Season 4 only came out February 2010.

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